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Even More Suggestions

Post by BillyBongo »

I suggest a free drawing tool; something like a pencil that allows you to just draw by clicking and dragging your mouse, similar to the line tool. If you were to add it, make it similar to that tool.
For example, drawing and then connecting a line, being able to use the Fill tool to colour in the lines, etc.
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Re: Even More Suggestions

Post by VGP »

Hi, thanks for these suggestions.

If I understand correctly you are asking for two different things:

1. A freehand tool: It existed in an early prototype version of the app, but it wasn't refined enough. I can see it making a comeback though :)
2. A way to combine different lines (or shapes) into a connected region that can be filled. Maybe you don't even have to explicitly connect the shapes but just draw them joined. That would be much more difficult to implement correctly. While I don't rule it out as ever happening, I can't promise it anytime soon.
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