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Few feature ideas

Post by zmarias »

Hello! First of all, great work, this graph drawer tool is really useful. I tried to collect some feature enhancements that would help a lot with the existing feature set.

I use this tool to create graphs for my lessons at the university, where I teach computer science stuff. I want to draw trees, graphs, etc.

Most important feature would be for me to add labels for circles / rectangles. If I create a node and want to add a label to it - let's say "A" - I can use the type tool, but it is very hard to position the label in the middle of the node, they dont move together, etc. It could be a label attribute. Something similar would be usefult for lines as we..

It would be very useful to add a grab tool, that helps to move around the canvas, just like in figma. Right now you can only go left-right with arrows.

Text tool could be a bit more sophisticated: if there was an indentation tool, so that you can indent the text to right, center and left, that would be super useful.

I also experienced a bug: sometimes the undo button undoes multiple actions, which can be quite frustrating. Limiting it to strictly one action would be much better.
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Re: Few feature ideas

Post by VGP »

Hi, thanks for the kind words and for the suggestions!

First I'd like to mention it's possible to move around the canvas by dragging with the right mouse button, or by holding the space bar. Unfortunately that feature is currently undocumented and not easily discoverable.

I like your suggestions for the text tool, and I think the node-attached labels can also be incorporated in the text tools somehow.

As for the undo bug: do you have any specific information about when it happens? It definitely should be the case that it only reverts one action at a time.
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