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Problems of 4

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2022 8:00 am
by RhinobillsMatteroffact
Hey there V. Name's Ryan, or th}RhinobillsMatteroffact{is. (I was the one who sent you that discordant & distraught email (if you saw that))

I am here to report a similiar bug-or-something like this other user was having; BillyBongo. Where now all my things are just... gone. This has happened to me before, but everything did just reappear... later. Thankfully, I hav a save, but that version doesn't have everything & my memory is slipping so I'd b grateful if u could fix whatever caused this~. (But I have also already begun to draw in this blank version, I hope that wont complicate anything u hav to do to resolve this.) (& in that post you asked them what browser they were using, so: Google) (& my preview of the work that dissapeared did simply just show a blank.)

But, while yer here. I hav 3 other bugs i'd like to report: 1: Sometimes it'll say it's saving..., for a very long time. this happened to me once or, maybe twice. Or thrice: which required me to make a duplicate of the same paper. & made me meticulously recreate a project I was in the middle of from an SVG. | 2: When I go to type a new body of text immediately after another one; If I exit out of it it'll replace the previous one with the new one (I've lost a loving ramble to one of these~...) | & 3: online papers only seem to save everything up until the latest action. Thankfully I usually just get around this by selecting something, that being counted as an action escaping & *then* closing out. But it would be nice to have this fixed too~.

& thank you V, for sitting thru all of ^this^ I hope u respond soon and ¿see you next post-thingy?


Re: Problems of 4

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2022 3:48 pm
by VGP
Hello Ryan/Rhino,

Thanks for reporting these issues, and for your patience with the app after what sounds like frustrating experiences.

Could you send me a "Share" link of one of the documents where the content disappeared?
Then please try pressing "reset pan/zoom" under Setup -> Misc, and if the missing content reappears, please send a new share link at that moment too.

As for the other issues:
1. If it's stuck saving, I would suggest to use the same strategy as you report in 3, might help (by triggering a new save action).
Please note that in general I should be able to restore a document from SVG. If you find yourself again losing a significant amount of work while having stored an SVG file locally.
2. I'll look into the disappearing text, that sounds like an annoying bug.
3. I'll look into that as well. Should be easy to fix.

Re: Problems of 4 (Reboundagain) (*6 now sorry)

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2022 4:28 am
by RhinobillsMatteroffact
Hey there V, for it is me again, Ry / Rhi / Ry? Ya get it... R. (ryan) ... (rhino...bill)

I would to start by apologizing for waiting 4 days for a reply, I should know your a lot more timely than that. So... s o r m y :(

& sharing that file? Well. there it is. New things are in the corner where I essentially last left off b4 the dissapearing act~. (I don't think i'm lost)

As for what u suggested for 1: I don't think that works because my most recent memory of that issue. It started without me noticing; wen I was still doin my thing, n it just... said it was saving. No matter if I let it try to save or do something, it would just perpetually save. Though, The saving here sometimes does take an unsettlingly long time for simple andor small actions. {no offense?]

& Um, not to bog you down with mor but there's two extra bugs i'd like to report (there minor don't worry): When duplicating an item & coloring the duplicate it'll color the original instead & (is this a new feature?) But a recently unselected item will them sometimes be reselected alogn with my newly selected item n move along with it, I think this miht only happen with duplicates. (ye tryin ta implement group select?)... & I think that's all for now. So thank you for reading, ^this^ V. & see ya in the next thingy.

~R鳥B 鳥{yano I lost that loving ramble to this & that bug. Worse, I remebered at the very last second not to do this. but it was too late, gosh man.)

Re: Problems of 4

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2022 5:31 pm
by VGP
Thank you for reporting more bugs. The text related bug from the first post I was able to verify and fix.

I think I'm also able to recover the stuff you lost, but maybe it's easier to continue that over email. Please check your spam folder if you don't see anything from me soon.