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Question, and some suggestions

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2023 4:16 pm
Hello there,

This tool is excellent. I came upon it looking for tools to create starships and stations in the tabletop RPG Traveller, and this works really well for it. I was thinking about drawing stuff on graph paper and and scanning it (online sessions with distant family) but realized that surely it exists and behold, it did, and it's quite good.

So for the question: is there a way to not have curved corners for squares? See image for example. I can splice the thicker line and add more lines to fill the corners, but just having filled corners would be a nice option.


And now some suggetions, which might already be in the works, and might also not be good:

Keyboard shortcut for snap to grid. This is not a huge thing, but having the ability to snap only part of a rectangle to the grid would be useful.

Merge layers. I'm sure this is in the works.

Connect lines and fill.
This was suggested previously, but I'll just echo it because it would be really useful.

An option to snap from the grid lines,
if that makes sense. See the image for an example. Instead of the line snapping to its centre, it snaps to its borders. There is probably a term from it, but I don't know it.



Re: Question, and some suggestions

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2023 6:32 am
by VGP
Thank you for these nice suggestions!

Having the option for sharp corners shouldn't be too hard to implement, so I might be able to add it soon. Same for the keyboard shortcut.

The other suggestions are also things I definitely want to add, but they are somewhat more complex and will take longer to implement.

Re: Question, and some suggestions

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2023 8:24 pm
by VGP
I've added a checkbox for turning off rounded corners, and I've made it possible to temporarily avoid snapping by holding down shift.
You can try these changes here:

Will be soon added to the main app