Can you please add an erase function?

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Can you please add an erase function?

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I found this tool today and it is absolutely amazing. It does everything I was hoping to and more, except that it's missing one feature that completely ruins the entire thing for me. How is there not an "erase" function?
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Re: Can you please add an erase function?

Post by VGP »

Hi, thanks for reaching out.

Removing objects from a sketch can be done by selecting them with the Select tool and then clicking the remove button (or pressing delete).
If you only want to remove a certain part of a shape (line segment), you can first click the Splice button and then select the relevant part (see for an example)

I realize these options might not be enough in all situations, and I'm working on improved tools, but these take time to develop. I hope you can still find the app useful in its current form.
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